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Our Award-Winning Team!


★ 2011 Prudential President's Circle Award, Outstanding Sales
2012 Escobar Realtor “On-Track” Award
2012 - #1 in Sales for Escobar Training, PDE Team
★ 2011-2012 National Legal Negotiation Competition Judge
Graduates of Top-Producer “Sweathogs” Program
Zillow 5-Star Premier Agent & Trulia Pro Agent

We have more than 50 Years' Combined Experince in Real Estate, Marketing, Sales and Law. Eddie McGowan's strong negotiating experience (20+ years) has been recognized in his selection as a judge for national legal negotiation competition events.

Our high client satisfaction is evidenced by our numerous Client Testimonials, and our Zillow 5-Star Premier Agent status. For more detailed information about us, please visit our Team Biographies

Are you Tired of Agents who NEVER Answer Your Phone Calls?
Then you'll love our Team-Based Solutions that put you instantly in-touch with us, and help keep you connected to us and to your transaction!
What does all this mean to you?  
We stand-out from the crowd -- and so will youWhether you're a buyer, seller, investor, or a builder/developer. We give our clients an edge in marketing, negotiating, and in technology; and that edge is critical in today's real estate market.
No one wants the "other side" to have the award-winning team!
When you have the strength of a team of professionals behind you, with cutting-edge technology to help you stay connected, you have the power to get the best price, on the best terms, and in the quickest, most-efficient manner possible. And that ensures smooth transactions, from contract to closing.

  "Eddie and DynamicEdge were fast, professional and so attentive! My home was flooded with almost 2 feet of water and destroyed by Hurricane Sandy on October 28, 2012.  I lost almost all of my belongings.  Eddie at DynamicEdge Realty quickly helped me find a temporary home within days - he was attentive, very concerned and aware of my circumstances, and did what was almost impossible!  Housing became very scarce in Brooklyn and Queens after the hurricane, but he was able to find me a temporary home in just a few days, and he negotiated a great price and terms.  I couldn't be happier with his service and professionalism.  He is very knowledgeable about real estate and also the law, and he also helped me to apply for assistance through FEMA.  He is currently helping me find a permanent home, and there is clearly no one else that I would ever recommend as a real estate agent.  His knowledge, professionalism, helpfulness, and availability for my phone calls, make him truly shine!"
  M.J., Kings County, NY
  "Eddie helped me purchase my current home about 16 years ago, and he’s been my trusted realtor and attorney ever since. He always has the answers, whether I’m looking to buy or sell, or if I need financial analysis on an investment property, or advice on real estate or other legal issues. I know I can depend on him to come through, and it’s always a pleasure working with him. I’d never want to be on the other side of a deal and have to negotiate against him!"
  M.M., Queens County, NY
  "Although I am not quite ready to buy anything at present, Eddie responded to my inquiry very quickly and was very helpful. He is really knowledgeable and extremely generous with it. I also found him to be very amiable and easy to talk to. I look forward to work with Eddie in the future."
  O.D., New York, NY
  "Eddie’s been our trusted advisor and realtor ever since he helped us buy our home. He’s not at all like a typical agent, he’s warm, friendly, and always makes sure things go our way and as smooth as possible. His honesty and expertise are really unique. I would never consider using anyone but him."
   P.M., Queens County, NY
  "Eddie's the most multi-talented, nicest person I have ever known! He's always there for you when you need him, business-wise or personally!"
  M.C., Nassau County, NY
  "I think what I like most about Eddie is that he’s nice, honest, energetic, and explains everything very clearly, step by step, breaking everything down so that even a child could understand even the most complicated things. He’s very hardworking and knows so much about real estate and the law, and he always responds fast to my questions and messages. I’ve bought and sold several properties with him through the years, he’s advised me on many leases and real estate legal issues, and we’re now working on a commercial lease in Brooklyn, a residential lease in Queens, and the sale of residential property in Argentina. I know he always gets me the best deal and terms, and he’s always got my best interests in mind. He’s the best!"
  B.C., Queens County, NY
  "Words can't express the professionalism that Eddie shows in everything he does. His leadership, loyalty & education really come through."
  P.S., Monmouth, NJ
  "You can't ask for a better person to know. Always on top of his game."
  M.L., Orlando, FL
  "The legal matters I brought to Eddie McGowan were not only handled in in the highest level of professionalism but with a sense of caring that also gave a great peace of mind in an otherwise difficult situation. I would completely and highly recommend his services."
  S.D., Queens County, NY
  "You rock Eddie. You know your stuff."
  S.B.G., Suffolk County, NY
  "Eddie helped my wife and me with an issue related to renovation contracts. He took the time to understand our situation and ensured that we understood all our options. His advice was sound and intelligent and given in a caring and friendly way. A smart lawyer and and a good guy - highly recommended!"
  J.L., New York, NY







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