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Discounts & Special Offers for First-Responders

First-Responders, Armed Forces & Veterans

I provide special discounts and other offers to First-Responders, Members of the Armed Forces, and Veterans, to thank them for their hard work and dedication, and for risking their lives for us every day.  These discounts and offers apply to Police, Firefighters, EMS, U.S. Armed Forces, State National Guards, and the U.S. National Park Service, whether they are active, retired, or honorably-discharged Veterans, and it also includes their spouses and children (I'll refer to all of them below as "First-Responders").

Free Wills

I'm proud of my volunteer work for a non-profit organization called "Wills For Heroes." We're a group of attorneys who draft wills, for free, for first-responders all over the country. First-Responders continuously put their lives at risk for all of us, yet only about 20% of them have wills and even less have healthcare proxies.

I have personally expanded this program locally in New York to reach more first-responders, and to include members of the armed forces and veterans.

When I conduct a local Will-Drafting Event, the wills and healthcare proxies I draft are entirely free.  If you would like me to draft a will or healthcare proxy for you on an individual basis, I will give you a 70% discount.
  Satisfactory proof must be provided to me before any service is provided that shows you, or your parent or spouse, is a "First-Responder".

Legal Fee Discount

All First-Responders receive a 20% discount off any other legal work I perform for them.  This includes such things as Buyer & Seller Representation for Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Investment Advisory or Financial Analysis, Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Lease Review or Drafting, Trusts, Business Contracts, Creating New Businesses (like Partnerships, S-Corps or LLCs), Business Advisory Services, Business Procedure Manuals, Confidentiality Agreements, Information Security Policy Agreements (computers, technology and trade secrets), and International Agreements and Transactions. Satisfactory proof must be provided to me that shows you, or your parent or spouse, is a "First-Responder."

Real Estate Commission Discount

All First-Responders receive a 10% rebate on my share of their real estate commission, when they close a transaction using me as their agent. The rebate is applied to the net commission I receive from the transaction.  Satisfactory proof must be provided to me before the closing date that shows you, or your parent or spouse, is a "First-Responder."

Contracting Discount

All First-Responders receive a 10% discount on contracting, renovation and repair work performed by Martin Contracting, located in Queens, New York.  This discount does not apply to materials.  Martin Contracting is a fully-licensed and insured construction company that is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  Satisfactory proof must be provided to me before signing any contract for contracting services that shows you, or your parent or spouse, is a "First-Responder."








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